Rinki and Magic Watch

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rinki in India. She belongs to a middleclass family. She is 15 years old and reads in 5th standard. There were six family members in her family including her. She has two smart brothers and one cute sister. Rinki was the eldest one and after her sister Niki. Her brother’s names were Pintu and Jeetu. Jeetu is the youngest brother. Jeetu was a very mischievous boy where Pintu was quite serious compare to Jeetu.

Rinki belong to a middle class family so her parents do not have plenty of money to fulfill all desires of all children. Even though Rinki was good in her studies, her parents were not able to purchase her school books at the start of new session. Generally Rinki used to borrow books from her friends to read and next day she would return to her friend’s book. She knew her family situation so she never complained to her parents for anything. Continue reading


Writing as Fun…

Hello friends, since today I will be an active writer as I have completed the course/ exam of Tata-Dhan Academy. Tata-Dhan Academy is a unique institute in India which grooms young graduates for development sector. Tata-Dhan Academy is a centre for excellence in development management and aims to bring motivated, dedicated and proficient development professional to bring a significant change in society. Tata-Dhan Academy offers two years full time residential programme and short duration programme  viz Programme in Development Management and Development Management Programme. Continue reading

Read, Reflect and Share…

Reading is one of the good habit for a person because it gives opportunity to know the knowledge of others. You know many times I do not know many things but after reading I came to know. Let me give you a simple example earlier I was not aware of writing blog but one day while searching on google about ‘Special Vehicle’, I came to know that people used to write on these type of issues also. I have not told you about myself indeed. My name is Shanti Gupta and I am student of development management and in couple of week I will get employment in one of the development organisation. I started to read my interest area but I feel that only reading is not going to help me so I decided to reflect on articles but after creating my blog I thought sharing is also an important thing. Hey, You are invited to add any point after sharing also. Your suggestions are welcomed.